Plant Care

Airplants are easy to take care of, but you need to do it right! Always water your plants when you have just received them and let them dry out in a ventilated area.

Here are some tips & tricks of how to take care of your plants : 

- nr 1 : Airplants need daylight, but don't place them in direct sunlight because they will dry out faster (some plants like Bulbosa, Butzii or Pseudobaileyi need less light)

- nr 2 : The greener your plant, the more water it needs (light coloured plants like Xerographica or Capitata need less water and more light)

- nr 3 : These plants can live up to 20 years and get multiple baby plants that grow from the motherplant. You can leave them as a cluster or separate them when they are about 2/3rd the size of the motherplant, then you have a completely new airplant that will grow, bloom and have babies! 

 phytplantcare         and / or         phytplantcare

  Spray your plants 1x per week                               Soak 2x per month in a bowl  
  (use rainwater if possible)                                      
of water for 1 - 2 hours or longer 
                                                                               (less in winter, more in summer)



 Let your plants dry upside down                               Make sure your plants are dry
 in a well ventilated area (open window)                  before putting them back    


 phytplantcare                                  phytplantcare

 Peel off any dry or brown leaves                                Trim away any broken leaves 
 at the bottom of the plant                                          or dark ends (using a scissor) 

 phytbloomingplant                                phyt baby plant
 Once in their lifetime your plant                           After blooming, small baby plants
 will bloom and get flowers                                   will start growing at the bottom!                                                                                        


                                          You'll also get a care card with 
                                          every order, so you know how
                                          to take care of your plants!