Phyt – Plant, flora, vegetation.

The primary goal of Phyt Plants is to make gardening and working with different species of plants more approachable. While a lot of other Gardening websites exist, they all tend be lacking or even sparing with information; Phyt Plants is different.

Unlike these other websites, the Authors of Phyt Plants have first-hand experience working with a variety of different plant life.

Who is Behind Phyt Plants?

Phyt Plants was started by Anthony Marsh. Anthony has deep roots in the soil of Western New Hampshire. He comes from a farming family and at a young age he was taught the value of cultivating his own vegetable garden.

Two decades later, Anthony has continued with his passion for plant life. He decided to create Phyt Plants to document his knowledge and experiences for other beginners and Green-thumbs to make use of.

Anthony particularly enjoys Tillandsia (Air Plants) as well as Succulents. However, he regularly rescues abandoned plant life – typically left at his local recycling center or on the road-side.

He plants a vegetable garden every year consisting of zucchini, string beans, tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, peas, spinach, etc. Indoors he also loves to have fresh herbs on hand – to name a few: basil, mint, parsley, and rosemary.

Being that he grew up in New Hampshire – a place most people come to leaf peep – he enjoys landscaping, planting flowers, and tending to his plants.

Needless to say, Anthony loves all things plant life and hopes that he can inspire others just as he was.

There are no gardening mistakes. Only experiments.

Janet Kilburn Phillips